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Denoting or relating to meat prepared as prescribed by Muslim law.
A round brown hard-shelled nut that is the edible fruit of the hazel.
High-density lipoproteins, also referred to as healthy cholesterol.
The state of being free from illness or injury.
Care and/or nutrition interventions given to individuals in their homes.
A breast milk substitute for infants up to 6 months old prepared at home from fresh or processed animal milk, suitably diluted with water and with the addition of sugar and micronutrients.
Homopolysaccharides are polysaccharides composed of a single type of sugar monomer. For example, cellulose is an unbranched homopolysaccharide made up of glucose monomers connected via beta-glycosidic linkages; glycogen is a branched form, where the glucose monomers are joined by alpha-glycosidic linkages.
Are varieties that contain similar levels of indica and sativa. These “best of both worlds” strains offer a balance between the benefits of both types.
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