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Our professional Logistics Department guarantees the best logistics solutions for deliveries to any part of the world.

Moreover, our proximity to the port of Antwerp, the leading harbour for export, minimizes the transportation cost.

Our products are shipped to our customers around the world in various types of packaging on ExW, FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF, DAP or other basis upon request.

The minimum order quantity is 100 kg.

Packaging solutions for INTRAcontinental deliveries Approximate quantity per truck
In 25 kg bags loose in trucks Up to 22 000 kg
In 25 kg bags on exchangeable euro pallets 80x120 cm (of up to 750kg each) in trucks Up to 24 000 kg
In 25 kg bags on pallets 100x120 cm (of up to 1 250 kg each) in trucks 22 000 - 24 000 kg
In Big Bags of 500 – 1000 kg on pallets 110x110 cm in trucks 11 000 kg – 22 000 kg
Bulk in pulverulent tank trucks in project

Packaging solutions for sea and INTERcontinental deliveries Quantity per 20 feet container Quantity per 40 feet container
In 25 kg bags loose in trucks Up to 22 000 kg
In 25 kg bags loose in container Up to 16 000 kg Up to 26 000 kg
In 25 kg bags on export pallets 110x130 cm (up to 1 500 kg each) in container 10 000 - 15 000 kg 20 000 - 26 000 kg

The total quantity per truck or container may vary depending on the type(s) of pallets and the ordered quantity.

“Mixed-pallet” deliveries (several powder types per pallet) and other packaging solutions are possible upon request.


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