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Castle Dairy® is a dried dairy supplier that produces in-house commodities and blends for a large range of food industries. Their experience in dried dairy goes back to 1934 and has led to a global operating enterprise, rooted in the middle of Belgium’s dairy heart; Hombourg, in the land of Herve, close to Germany and The Netherlands.

The Castle Dairy® organizational structure is small and flexible and our global approach enables us to meet the challenges of an ever changing world market. Not only does Castle Dairy® buy and sell dairy products from internationally approved producers and partners, but also has the possibility to produce dried dairy products and dairy blends in our own production facility in Hombourg, Belgium.

Castle Dairy® offers a wide range of dairy and other food products for industries like: Bakery, Ice-Cream, Cheese, Chocolate, Beverage, Convenience, Sports Nutrition, Yoghurt, Vending, Sauce and Meat. We also have the ability to make customized blends tailored in close cooperation with our clients and our R&D, making it possible to produce Private Label products.

Our R&D department develops new products in our own laboratory, by closely following the market and by working together with various partners in different industries. Our partners are important to us.

Apart from the wide range of products and production capabilities, Castle Dairy® has the ability to unburden your logistics by offering transportation, distribution and export services as well as the option to store your products in our recently built 15,000 sqm warehouse.

Products are shipped to our customers around the world in various types of packaging. Our proximity to the port of Antwerp, the leading harbour for export, and the collaboration with a large number of transport companies allow us to attain the most attractive shipping rates to each destination.
We are at your disposal for any further information you may need or for quoting you the prices for the products you are interested in.

Never hesitate to submit your requirements – we will give you the right answer!

With best wishes,

The Castle Dairy Team
Jean-Louis Dourcy, General Manager

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